Mission statement

At Brito’s Group, we always strive to lead and be the first choice for consumers, excelling in quality, price, and service brilliance.

  • We hold our customers in the highest regard and place them at the centre of all that we do. This is vital to our long-term success as a company.
  • We strive to ensure that our products represent a combination of quality, price, and service. And with efficient price management, we want to ensure that Brito’s will remain the first choice for our customers.
  • The spirit that guides our business is driven by the values and principles that inspired our founders, the brothers John de Brito da Silva and Fernando da Silva. These values and principles are considered of highest importance and, despite changing times, new developments, improved technology and radical strategies, they remain consistent, informing all that we do.


Brito´s Group offers a diverse and extensive range of quality products that will suit every requirement. We supply beef, pork, poultry, lamb, mutton, and more. Founded in 1989 by the owner and CEO, Mr John de Brito da Silva, and later joined by his brother, Fernando da Silva, in 1993, the Brito’s Group of Companies has evolved from a modest manufacturing operation to the leader in South African food distribution, manufacturing, and retail industry.

Brito’s Food International is the trading and distribution division of the Brito’s Group of Companies and operates with a global network of suppliers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
Brito’s Meat is the manufacturing division of the Brito’s Group of Companies and manufactures a complete range of branded quality cold meat products and produces a diverse range of fresh and processed branded sausages.
Brito’s Meat Centres is the retail division of the Brito’s Group of Companies and consists of 26 retail outlets that are located strategically throughout the Western Cape Province.
To meet the continued expansion of the Brito’s Group, Superfreeze Cold Store was recently completed, which is also equipped with the latest available mobile racking technology and blast freezing equipment, with a storage capacity of 8500 mt.


Export PackersBrito’s is a world-class organisation renowned for its strict adherence to quality standards across all product categories. Internationally, the reputation of the Brito’s staff is one of unwavering commitment to timeliness of delivery and professional business practices. I count them among one of my top partners globally.

Boris Laic
Vice President, Trading Division, Export Packers Co. Ltd. Canada


Stanley GibsonBrito’s is my dearest customer in South Africa – all has to do with the promptitude, seriousness, and professionality shown all over the years by people working there.

Roberta Groot
Stanley Gibson. Netherlands


TonniesSince 2009, we are working with Brito’s and till today we have a very good and long-term business relation. We never had any problem with Brito’s during the business, also not with any payment or something else. We are looking forward to future good business relation for the South African market.

Jennifer Grote
International Sales, Tönnies Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG. Germany


ProfoodsBrito’s has been our customer for the last seven years. Since we started our cooperation with Brito’s, our monthly volumes have constantly grown and we appreciate the reliability and fairness of Brito’s in all matters! Payments and commitment to agreements is never a problem with Brito’s! We are very pleased to call Brito’s our customer and the cooperation with them is a true partnership, regardless good or difficult market situations.

Philipp Rhode
Director Sales/ Purchases Pork, Beef, Poultry. Asian Markets


HakanWe would like to congratulate Brito’s to have created such efficient infrastructure in an emerging economy with impeccable reputation and integrity. We at Hakan Agro are privileged to be having Brito’s as partner since 2007, and we looking forward to doing more together.

Paulo Rossi
Director, Hakan Agro, Dubai