Manufacturing at Brito’s Meat

Brito’s Meat is the manufacturing division of the Brito’s Group of Companies. Operations are divided between two manufacturing facilities that produce cooked emulsion-based, cured processed products, fresh sausage and burgers, and also various house pre-packing lines, including a chicken portion packing line with a daily output of 25 mt. The combined daily output of the two manufacturing facilities is approximately 100 mt processed meat (raw and cooked) and 50 mt portioned and pre-packed chicken, beef, mutton, lamb, and pork.

Growing opportunities

Due to our constant steady growth and business strategy, which ensures that all our clients’ demands are met, a third manufacturing facility, which will function as an additional emulsion plant, was commissioned in 2016. This is to be built adjacent to the current Brackengate facility and will be completed during the second half of 2019.

Huge product variety

Brito’s Meat manufactures a complete range of branded quality cold meat products, such as hams, bacon, and salami, and produces a diverse range of fresh, processed and cured branded sausages that include traditional South African favourites such as boerewors, biltong, and dried sausage. To ensure efficient distribution, Brito’s Meat operates its own fleet of 30 delivery vehicles.

Brito’s Meat supplies our retail chain of butcheries in addition to selected wholesalers, meat market retailers, and supermarket groups in the Western Cape, as far out as Gauteng, Free State, the Northern and Eastern Cape.

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Quality and standards

Our objectives are to produce a product that will meet the quality, safety, legal, and customer standards that are expected with a recognised brand name. That is why we undergo monthly VPN42 audits, which ensures that we retain our status as a ‘Veterinary Approved PPP Facility’.  Read more about how we provide food safety and what we do to ensure all our customers a high quality product and that service standards are met.

Product innovation

The Brito’s philosophy has always been to evolve and adapt the product range on offer according to the demands and requirements of the consumers. This process includes extensive research and development by way of assessing and adapting recipes, investigating and developing safe and presentable packaging, and paying close attention to design detail.

Need any assistance?

Our friendly Telesales team is readily available from 7.30am till 5pm Monday to Thursday and until 4.30pm on Fridays.

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