Food safety and quality

Ensuring consistent product quality and a stable supply chain is key to our business. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which produce high-quality fresh and frozen meat products, are therefore at the core of our business.

Brito’s is a ‘Veterinary Approved PPP Facility’ and undergoes monthly VPN42 audits.  We are committed to maintaining and improving to ensure that our end food products meet the highest food safety standards.

Both our processing and cold store facilities are ZA approved.  We undergo annual FSA audits (Food & Safety), which are conducted by Intertek at both our Brackengate and Stikland facilities.  Our latest audit results are in excess of 95%.

Our objectives are to produce a product that will meet the quality, safety, legal, and customer standards that are expected of a leading brand.

To ensure that we always produce the best quality products, we use only the best raw materials from selected suppliers and have well-trained and competent staff, who are knowledgeable and very experienced.

Staff working in both production facilities have undergone in-house food safety and quality training, as well as ongoing on-the-job training, to ensure that we uphold the highest hygiene and quality standards.

Brito´s ensures the unique freshness and quality through:

  • State-of-the-art technology in processing, packaging, and logistics;
  • Uninterrupted cooling and hygienic sections;
  • Permanent controlling in all production stages;
  • The best hygiene practices to reduce and eliminate food safety risks as a means to protect consumers;
  • Efficient implementation and improvement of processes required to provide consistently safe food; and
  • The food safety management system being regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that all activities related to food safety are continually improved and effective..