Shopping at Brito’s Meat Centres

Brito’s Meat Centres is the retail division of the Brito’s Group and consists of 26 retail outlets that are located strategically throughout the Western Cape Province.

The Brito’s Group of Companies has always been committed to expanding its presence in the market and has achieved this by opening new stores each year.

Our retail outlets offer the entire branded range of pre-packed meat cuts, processed cold meats, sausages, and other primary household consumables that are manufactured by Brito’s Meat. Our fresh meat cuts, which are sourced from local farmers, are always guaranteed to be of the finest quality.

All our stores are run by carefully screened and selected managers who receive vigorous in-house training to ensure that they conform to the quality of service and product standards that have become synonymous with all Brito’s Meat Centres.

The aim of our Brito’s Meat Centres is to supply our diverse range of customers with the best quality products at competitive prices. Our retail outlets are located centrally in areas that are easily accessible and open seven days a week for customer convenience.

Our retail outlets strive to offer customer satisfaction in terms of product and price, whilst paying close attention to design detail in order to develop safe and presentable packaging.